The story of Agatha and Olwin started when Agatha went to an interview at a company where olwin is working. At that moment olwin is the user who will be interviewing Agatha. Who would have thought a meeting that starts from an interview delivers them to the aisle.Their daily routine as an office partner has made love grows amongst them. The frequent they met and involved in same project make them knew about each other. Until one day, Olwin expressed his feelings to Agatha. However, Olwin’s honesty did not make Agatha assured offhand. Although he was disappointed, Olwin still continue to prove what his worth.

Jakarta Outdoor Wedding Rustic Theme

Wedding Outdoor tema rustic jakarta

The wedding reception was filled with a mixed of culture. Olwin’s families are from North Sumatra, while Agatha’s families are from Chinese descent. The differences between those Cultural backgrounds does not made a barrier for them to held a wedding procession. However, in the end it turns out to be a more unique taste of wedding reception.

This wedding ceremony with full of mixed culture, was a success and has made their love to become one. Agatha and Olwin’s cultural proccession of Batak and Chinesse was done as a respect to their cultural backgrounds. Two different cultures unite and they lead it with happiness.

The holy matrimony was held in Olwin’s family at Balige – North Sumatra. Agatha looks so suprised looking all the ambience and rituals tradition that she never saw before. While, the ambiance on the second reception felt simpler and intimate. Because in the beginning, these couple really wanted a warm and intimate ceremonial with all the guests. And it proven without any wedding stage and VIP area.While the wedding reception in North Sumatra was held with a strong cultural tradition ceremony, it is different with the second reception. It was held a month after Batak Ceremony in Medan. With Garden Party concept, Agatha and Olwin looks so happy welcoming all the guests.

Before the garden party started in the afternoon, Chinese Tionghoa ceremony was held in the same day. The simple tionghoa ceremony like the “Temon wedding couple” and “Tea Pai” was participated by the families. After the Tionghoa ceremony finished, followed by the Garden Party itself.

Carrying international outdoor wedding theme, Agatha & Olwin chooses “Green The Bistro Raffles” Cibubur as a reception ceremonial in Jakarta. The Garden party theme felt so relaxed, fun, and romantic decorated with a soft touch colours like pink, peach, and broken white. Everything blends in the warmth and happiness that shows on Agatha & Olwin’s faces.

Agatha wore a “simple and chic” white wedding dress, combined with Floral headpieces. She is absolutely looks gorgeous and flawless when she took her first wedding dance with Olwin. As a part of outdoor wedding ceremony, this couple read out the “Letter of love” and has made the night completely romantic.

In the evening, along with the rest of the invited guests they released “lanterns of hope” into the air. The impression was so warm, intimate, and romantic making the guests enjoying the event till the end.

That’s what Agatha & Olwin’s expected in their wedding day, had a sweet moment with families and colleagues without any boundaries. They’re Hoping this moment will be their unforgottable moment for their entire life.

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